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The Confederate Flag

This country has never faced its ugly history of slavery head on. We have never acknowledged the enormity of the wrong and our collective responsibility for it. To assume that responsibility would requires that we, collectively, atone for that wrong. Atonement would take the form of attitude and action. We haven’t even come close to either. Continue reading

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When Employees Violate The Company’s Code of Conduct

We all know what happens when you do a bad job at work. Even more so when you’ve engaged in some kind of behavior that violates the company’s rules. A large percentage of the cases that I handle deal with … Continue reading

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Don’t Ruin That Case, Bro!

Nothing burns me up more than seeing a good case ruined by bad lawyering. Employment cases affect people’s lives in a big way. A working person spends more quality, waking time at work than anywhere else. When a person is … Continue reading

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