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When Elections Kill People

A story, and perhaps the story, of this year’s election will turn out to be the votes drawn away from Hillary Clinton by the third party candidates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.  We have been hearing for some time how … Continue reading

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First Thoughts On Last Night’s Debate

I think most guys have had the experience of becoming infatuated with a new girlfriend because she’s new, different, and a lot of fun.  But when it comes time to have her meet mom, you see her in a different … Continue reading

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Just Ignore Him (Or At Least, Spell His Name Wrong)

Donald J. Trimp is the shock jock of politics. No doubt about it. Like any huckster, he knows that bad publicity is better than no publicity, as long as they spell his name right. Continue reading

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Is This The Best They Can Do?

Would it be too much to ask the press to stop covering this election as if they were all reporting for TMZ? Continue reading

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Department

Just the facts here.  No commentary needed. At a “charity” event held at Trump’s Florida incredibly ostentatious estate, “Mar A Lago” (good grief!), somebody named Michael Israel, a “speed painter” who creates GIANT portraits in under seven minutes, created a … Continue reading

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