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The Constitution As A Parliamentary Trick!

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

The neo-con wingnuts never fail to amuse.  Today I received a shrill missive from somebody named William Greene, President of some loony organization called “,” complaining about some nasty “parliamentary trick” that Obama wants to pull on the American people.

And what is the nature of this dastardly trick?  Obama has the nerve to want Congress to pass a bill when only a majority of senators vote for it.  Yes, you read that right, Obama stands in favor of allowing a majority of Senators to pass a bill.  Can you imagine anything as tricky and sneaky as majority rule?

Actually, this parliamentary trick is in the constitution, which allows Congress to pass laws by majority vote.  So what is this whack job talking about?

He’s talking about the Senate’s filibuster rule, which permits a small group of senators to prevent a bill from passing unless it can get 60 votes.  In reality, the filibuster rule is the parliamentary trick, and Obama is talking about getting around this parliamentary trick by using a process called reconciliation.

It doesn’t end there.  This hysterical email urges recipients to send a message to Congress.  How?  By sending a fax.  The email provides a link to a page that offers a range of faxing options, all at a very steep price.  For “just” $19, you can send a fax to 59 senators, and for “just” $119, you can send a fax to all members of congress.  Since it costs just a couple of cents to send a fax, this is a huge scam, intended to rip off naive Obama haters.  I suppose it’s their just desserts.

Quote of the Day

Monday, February 8th, 2010

“She is not about law, but is about power. We’ve had enough narcissistic sociopaths in politics.”

- Juan Cole (about Sarah Palin)