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The True Meaning of the Sopranos Ending

There are two questions that you can ask about the finale of the Sopranos: What “really” happened and What does it mean? Most of the debate seems to be over what really happened, and specifically, whether the screen went blank … Continue reading

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9-11 Changed Nothing — The Myth of a “Post 9-11 World”

Discussions of “national security” these days always include the subject of “terrorism” and usually employ phrases such as “we live in a post 9-11 world.” The suggestion is that 9-11 changed everything and that rules that were in effect before … Continue reading

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Try This One Out On Your Republican Friends

Okay, this isn’t original, but it makes the point. It is a letter to the editor of the Tulsa World (Ok) newspaper from Clint Gold. Originally written in 1999, it is as true today as it was then. Not too … Continue reading

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One Thing You Don’t Hear A Lot About Hilary Clinton

She served on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors from 1986 to 1992.

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Cheney Out of Control

Here’s some news that hasn’t got a lot of attention, but it should. It’s been reported that Vice President Cheney is trying to undermine the efforts of the Bush Administration to resolve the Iran “crisis” by diplomacy(of course, there’s no … Continue reading

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