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Poster Boy For Tort Reform — Not!

It’s one of those cases that just makes you shake your head. It’s also one of those cases that advocates of tort deformation like to trot out as proof that the system is rotten, lawsuits are out of control, and … Continue reading

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I Guess It Depends On Your Definition of Subtle . .

The following is from the employee handbook of a major U.S. Corporation: I would hate to see examples of what they considered as not subtle!

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Tales of Corruption

Chances are you’ve never heard of Equatorial Guinea (EG for short). And why would you? It’s never in the news, it’s a tiny country in the middle of Africa, barely the size of Maryland, and the name of the country … Continue reading

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Glock Schlock

You might think the ease with which a 23 year old mentally ill student purchased a Glock handgun, which he then used to murder over 30 victims, would give critics of gun control some pause.  You would be wrong.  The … Continue reading

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