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Who Owns Your Corpse?

My initial reaction to the decision of Judge Larry Seidlin’s weepy decision to hand over the corpse of Anna Nicole Smith to the lawyer of her infant daughter was wrong. In truth, I was probably reacting more to the clownish … Continue reading

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Tuesday Rant Against Conservatism

Listening to an interview of James Buckley, the former senator from New York and brother of William F. Buckley, the well known conservative. Here are a few random reactions to things Buckley said. He referred to his brother as “exotic” … Continue reading

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Living in the moment . . .

I’m going to plan to live in the moment.

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2008 Presidential Election

Hey, it’s too early! I think a two year campaign is bad for democracy and I’m not going to be part of it. I will not write about the 2008 election until, well, I think it’s time to.

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From the Hate Wars

“See How Much They Hate Us!” is always a winning story. So when a British teacher named Colin Cook got sacked from the King Fahd Academy in west London, he decided that it was his patriotic duty (in addition to … Continue reading

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