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Does Marc Kasowitz Have A Drinking Problem?

And by that question, we do not mean “Does Mark Kasowitz have a problem drinking” but “Does Mark Kasowitz drink too much?”  World of difference between the two. The short answer is I have no clue.  I don’t know the … Continue reading

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Another Bill O’Donnell Moment

Bill O’Donnell was the terror of my grade school, or at least from grades one through three.  He disappeared after that.  I don’t know what became of him.  I suspect he was sent to some kind of juvenile facility. Bill … Continue reading

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Somebody Help Me Out With This

I shouldn’t be surprised that I don’t quite understand all this. Nothing about the Syrian war makes any sense. Continue reading

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Friday Rant — Greed and Corruption on Long Island

The word for mangle in Italian is mangano. A fitting name for a public servant who wrings bribes out of seedy businessmen. Continue reading

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Just Ignore Him (Or At Least, Spell His Name Wrong)

Donald J. Trimp is the shock jock of politics. No doubt about it. Like any huckster, he knows that bad publicity is better than no publicity, as long as they spell his name right. Continue reading

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