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Does Marc Kasowitz Have A Drinking Problem?

And by that question, we do not mean “Does Mark Kasowitz have a problem drinking” but “Does Mark Kasowitz drink too much?”  World of difference between the two. The short answer is I have no clue.  I don’t know the … Continue reading

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Oops, sorry ‘bout that!

I guess that’s what you say to your client after it has paid you well over $4 million in fees on a case that wouldn’t have been brought, if somebody (like you, maybe?) had read the damn contract. International Cards Co. … Continue reading

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Don’t Ruin That Case, Bro!

Nothing burns me up more than seeing a good case ruined by bad lawyering. Employment cases affect people’s lives in a big way. A working person spends more quality, waking time at work than anywhere else. When a person is … Continue reading

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Kaelin Clay – Was Close Good Enough?

Imagine you’re injured in a Walmart, and you bring a lawsuit. Your lawyer fights the good fight, and after years of litigation, the jury renders a just verdict. As you’re leaving the courtroom, Walmart’s lawyer turns to your lawyer and … Continue reading

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The Big Lie, Christie, Bridgegate, And Are All Politicians Insane?

The Big Lie is essentially the only move to avoid checkmate. Continue reading

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