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Friday Rant — Traitors Are Not Real Americans

The Confederate States rebelled against the United States of America. In other words, Confederates did not want to be Americans, in the sense of citizens of the United States of America. They rejected this great country. The took up arms against this great country. Anybody who wears a Confederate uniform is idealizing traitors, traitors who killed American citizens. Continue reading

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I Love Depreciation! (A Primer On Election Tax Issues)

It’s sure good to be super rich, isn’t it! Continue reading

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I’m Sorry I Got Caught

He got caught saying this: And here is his fake apology for getting caught. The scandal isn’t just that he said these things, but that he was pushing 60 years old and still feels the need to talk like an 18 … Continue reading

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When Elections Kill People

A story, and perhaps the story, of this year’s election will turn out to be the votes drawn away from Hillary Clinton by the third party candidates, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.  We have been hearing for some time how … Continue reading

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First Thoughts On Last Night’s Debate

I think most guys have had the experience of becoming infatuated with a new girlfriend because she’s new, different, and a lot of fun.  But when it comes time to have her meet mom, you see her in a different … Continue reading

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