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Another Bill O’Donnell Moment

Bill O’Donnell was the terror of my grade school, or at least from grades one through three.  He disappeared after that.  I don’t know what became of him.  I suspect he was sent to some kind of juvenile facility. Bill … Continue reading

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I Love Depreciation! (A Primer On Election Tax Issues)

It’s sure good to be super rich, isn’t it! Continue reading

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The Confederate Flag

This country has never faced its ugly history of slavery head on. We have never acknowledged the enormity of the wrong and our collective responsibility for it. To assume that responsibility would requires that we, collectively, atone for that wrong. Atonement would take the form of attitude and action. We haven’t even come close to either. Continue reading

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And She Still Has A Job?

In a bubble like this, “diversity” is a politically correct buzzword, as opposed to simply an appreciation for the world’s great variety of cultures. Continue reading

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Tracy Morgan’s Car Accident

There was a lot of news last week about Tracy Morgan’s car accident, and the truck driver who ran into Morgan’s car has been arraigned on criminal charges and will likely take a plea of some criminal charge.  He may … Continue reading

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