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Friday Rant — Greed and Corruption on Long Island

The word for mangle in Italian is mangano. A fitting name for a public servant who wrings bribes out of seedy businessmen. Continue reading

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You Can’t Make This Stuff Up Department

Just the facts here.  No commentary needed. At a “charity” event held at Trump’s Florida incredibly ostentatious estate, “Mar A Lago” (good grief!), somebody named Michael Israel, a “speed painter” who creates GIANT portraits in under seven minutes, created a … Continue reading

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When Employees Violate The Company’s Code of Conduct

We all know what happens when you do a bad job at work. Even more so when you’ve engaged in some kind of behavior that violates the company’s rules. A large percentage of the cases that I handle deal with … Continue reading

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Bribery Is Alive and Well In Washington DC. And Apparently Legal As Hell.

Down in Mississippi, there’s a primary election for the Senate race. Chris McDaniel is a tea party guy who seems about to beat the incumbent, Thad Cochrane. Cochrane has been a senator for something like 36 years. McDaniel is trying … Continue reading

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